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"I have become an avid user of the ENDOSEAL MTA sealer. As the field of endodontics evolves with novel and improved technologies and materials, we can truly benefit from evolving along with it."

- Jeffrey D. Krupp, DDS, MS 


"Love EndoSeal MTA! Runs out quick!"

- Anonymous


Endoseal MTA - The “Swiss Army Knife” of Bioceramic sealers!

Tom Pagonis

Endoseal MTA bioceramic sealer works in many clinical applications.

Endoseal MTA - the new generation bioceramic sealer!

Tom Pagonis

A new generation, advanced bioceramic sealer is now available in the U.S.

Rounding out your bioceramic endodontic toolkit

Tom Pagonis

Endocem is a valuable adjunct to your endodontic bioceramic kit.

Marijuana use and its relevance to dental practice (Part 1 of a series)

Tom Pagonis

Legalization of marijuana creates set of unique circumstances for dentists.

Why you need to know about the McCarran-Ferguson Act

Tom Pagonis

Dentists need to know about the McCarran-Ferguson Act.

“Root Cause” or how I got my mojo back!

Tom Pagonis

Root Cause, a recently released Netflix “documentary” film, chronicles the 10-year odyssey of a young filmmaker tryin...


BuzzFeed video with dentists

Kevin Kuo

BuzzFeed produced a video with dentists answering questions.

Cold compresses after 3rd molar surgery ineffective?

Tom Pagonis

Cold therapy after third-molar surgery has minimal benefit.

Dentistry's newest specialty

Tom Pagonis

Dentistry's newest specialty just recognized by National Commission.

Women diagnosed later than men

Tom Pagonis

Women are diagnosed with diseases later than men.

Focus in digital dental retail

RootRadar is an online dental materials and equipment reseller that focuses on high-quality, unique items not yet available in traditional dental markets.



The company also specializes in delivering high-quality, interesting news and education for dental students and providers around the world. 


Proactive in healthcare education

RootRadar understands the complexities of science and medicine and wants to help simplify healthcare topics to what is most important.


dynamic duo

Tom Pagonis, DDS, MS

Chief 'Endodontics' Officer

Tom is an endodontic academician who is a frequent beachgoer of the pristine waters and beaches of Aegean, Caribbean, and Newport, Rhode Island. 

Kevin Kuo, DDS, MMSC

Chief Media Consultant

Kevin is primarily an avid filmmaker and San Antonio Spurs fan who sometimes practices endodontics on planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy.

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