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Discover the latest dental products and techniques, as well as valuable educational resources and insightful blogs tailored specifically to dental professionals. Explore our newsfeed articles to stay updated on the latest trends and techniques. Stay ahead of the curve with Root Radar's Dental Pro Hub!

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Welcome to Healthy Smiles Hub, your destination for comprehensive dental and facial care solutions. Explore our diverse selection of oral care products alongside our newly curated range of cosmetic and facial care essentials. From achieving a radiant smile to maintaining healthy, glowing skin we offer tailered solutions to meet your wellness needs. Discover expert tips, product reviews, and inspiring makeover stories in our newsfeed articles. Shop with confidence knowing that every item in our collection is handpicked to ensure your satisfaction and confidence. Start your journey towards a brighter, more vibrant self with us. Shop now and join the Healthy Smiles community!

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Discover a world of precision and innovation, where custom patent-pending solutions born from dental innovation revolutionize ophthalmic practice. Explore our curated collection of advanced opthalmic technologies designed to elevate your expertise and enhance patient care.

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Introducing ScopeShield

A patented universal personal protective device designed for all operating microscopes.



"I have become an avid user of the ENDOSEAL MTA sealer. As the field of endodontics evolves with novel and improved technologies and materials, we can truly benefit from evolving along with it."

- Jeffrey D. Krupp, DDS, MS 


"Love EndoSeal MTA! Runs out quick!"

- Anonymous


The Art of Brushing: Tips for Optimal Oral Health

Tom Pagonis

 By: TOM C. PAGONIS When it comes to oral health, it's not just about having a bright smile and fresh breath. Rese...

Retrospective Insights on Dental Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tom Pagonis

  By Tom C. Pagonis, DDS, MS When considering the difficulties encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic, substantia...

Nanoparticle Endodontic Disinfection

Tom Pagonis

By: TOM C. PAGONIS, DDS, MS New therapeutic options for endodontic infections are now possible thanks to recent devel...

Regenerative Endodontics: overview and treatment options

Tom Pagonis

Regenerative endodontics involves using the principles of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to restore the...

Emerging Technologies in Endodontic Disinfection

Tom Pagonis

Endodontic disinfection is a critical aspect of root canal treatment, which involves the elimination of microorganism...

Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers

Tom Pagonis

A Brief Overview of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers in facial Esthetics


BuzzFeed video with dentists

Kevin Kuo

BuzzFeed produced a video with dentists answering questions.

Cold compresses after 3rd molar surgery ineffective?

Tom Pagonis

Cold therapy after third-molar surgery has minimal benefit.

Dentistry's newest specialty

Tom Pagonis

Dentistry's newest specialty just recognized by National Commission.

Women diagnosed later than men

Tom Pagonis

Women are diagnosed with diseases later than men.

dynamic duo

Tom Pagonis, DDS, MS

Chief 'Endodontics' Officer

Tom is an endodontic academician who is a frequent beachgoer of the pristine waters and beaches of Aegean, Caribbean, and Newport, Rhode Island. 

Kevin Kuo, DDS, MMSC

Chief Media Consultant

Kevin is primarily an avid filmmaker and San Antonio Spurs fan who sometimes practices endodontics on planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy.

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