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Best dental school plans for major renovation


The University of Michigan School of Dentistry announces renovation and expansion plans for the next 2-3 years. This major update includes renovating approximating half of the existing dental school infrastructure located in Central Campus at Ann Arbor and expanding another 48,000 square feet. 

I attended the School of Dentistry from 2010-2014. The University of Michigan was the first state university in the world to offer dental education in 1875, so it is a dental school with a long history. As a dental student, I thought the facilities were already good. The existing infrastructure than was first built in the 1930s and later expanded in the 1960s. Although not a brand new construction, the dental school did an excellent job maintaining its existing buildings and making several updates along the way while I was there.

This new renovation and expansion, in a way, will be a nice "icing on the cake" for the dental school, albeit major icing. 

Read more about the renovation and expansion here. Their website includes picture mock-ups of the plans and a video rendition of the future completed constructions. The video particularly engulfed me with triumphant emotions with a mixture of nostalgia and excitement for the impressive developments to the dental school that I attended only a few years ago.

I cannot wait for my return to the greatest dental school to see the completed construction!


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